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Trick To Clear Your Sinuses

Trick To Clear Your Sinuses

How to clear a blocked nose without taking medication…

Everyone is susceptible to block sinuses, whether it’s due to a cold or a bout of hay fever, this simple trick can help clear your nose, without taking medication.

Simply place your thumb or finger between your eyebrows and apply pressure, while simultaneously pushing your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth for around 20 seconds. When you release the pressure you should feel movement in the back of throat as the sinuses begin to drain.

how to clear sinuses without medication Trick To Clear Your Sinuses

How To Clear Your Sinuses Without Medication

Image Credit: Jason Rogers, 2007.

Another tip, which may be slightly more uncomfortable but also gets the job done. Breath out, make sure all the air is out of your lungs. Pinch your nose close and don’t breathe in. The idea is to hold your breath for as long it gets uncomfortable, the last 5-10 being the most vital. This apparently works because when the airways go into emergency mode, they naturally try to clear themselves.

Personally I’ve had better success using the second method, which I also found help equalize and unblock my stuffy ears.

Thanks Life Pro Tips member Gymfork, and Vanilla Onion for the tips.


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