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Honda Walking Assistant

Honda Walking Assistant

Part Man Part Machine – The new Walking Assistant from Honda

The new Honda walking assistant is the first cyborg-like device aimed at the consumer market. Helping to transform ones lower half into part human part machine without replacing any body parts, this walking assistant provides necessary support for the elderly, weak or disabled, it may help prevent factory workers from straining their muscles.

honda walking assist 1 Honda Walking Assistant

There appears to be two versions of the prototype walking assistant, one (pictured above) sports a waist harness with lower back support and two mechanical thighs that strap around the back of the upper leg.
The other (pictured below) sports a u-shaped saddle, and a pair of shoes attached to jointed mechanical legs.

honda walking assist 2 Honda Walking Assistant

The walking assistant is able to obtain information on hip angle, it then adjust the wearers posture accordingly. Honda apparently took the technology from it’s ASIMO robot.

The device was unveiled at Barrier Free 2008 trade show in Osaka in April last year, and although there is no word when the device will hit the public, Honda have been to testing prototypes on workers in its Saitama car factory.


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