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Man Proud Of His 12 Fingers and 14 Toes


Heramb Ashok Kumthekar Is Proud Of His Extra Digits

To some, having 12 fingers and 14 toes maybe seen like a disability, but to Heramb Ashok Kumthekar, a resident of Goa in India, who was born with the extra digits, it is more of a blessing than an oddity.

Heramb, 22, explained that his condition can become frustrating at times as he can’t wear a pair of flip-flops in the heat of the summer, or a pair of gloves when the weather turns cold.

heramb ashok kumthekar Man Proud Of His 12 Fingers and 14 Toes

But despite the obvious draw backs, Heramb, who is currently studying for a Masters in Business Management at his college in the western Indian town of Pune, has always seen his extra digits as
something to be proud of.

“I am happy about it because I have something that others don’t have,” says Heramb.

Officially, Heramb is not the world record holder for possessing the most amount of digits because some of his fingers are still attached, even though they have separate bones. The crown belongs to his fellow country man, Devendra Harne, a 13 year old boy from Kolkota, who has 12 fingers and 13 toes on his feet.

Heramb’s extra digits are caused by a condition known as polydactlyism, which is derived from the Greek term, “many fingers.”

This congenital condition is not as rare as one may assume, it occurs in approx one in every 500 births. There have been several famous holders of extra digits including the beheaded ex-wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, who was rumored to have an extra finger on her left hand.

Indeed, one of Heramb’s idols, the Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan, also boasts an extra digit on each hand.

Because of the number of digits he has, Heramb does not have the requisite amount of nerve endings available to feel all his fingers and toes.

Aware of his extra digits, but unable to move them, this awkwardness can lead to the odd accident and often results in friendly jibes from his friends.

“My friends sometimes kiddingly say that my hands and feet resemble that of an alien,” he laughs. Adding:

“I never had a problem with it and after I get publicity I will be famous because of it.”


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