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LA Clinic May Have Infected 40,000 with HIV and Hepatitis

LA Clinic May Have Infected 40,000 with HIV and Hepatitis

Hepatitis scandal – Clinic That May Have Infected 40,000 with HIV, Hepatitis Closed

A clinic in Los Angeles, the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada, has been shut down due to unsafe injection practices that may have infected 40,000 patients with hepatitis B and C and possibly HIV.

hepatitis scandal LA Clinic May Have Infected 40,000 with HIV and Hepatitis

Nurses at the clinic had been told to reuse syringes when administering anesthesia” and “to reuse vials of medication,” according to City Authorities.The health district received notification of three acute cases of hepatitis C in January 2008 which prompted the joint investigation by the Nevada State Bureau of Licensure and Certification (BLC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, into the malpractice at the Endoscopy Center of Southern Nevada.

To date a total of six cases have been reported, five of these cases had procedures requiring injected anesthesia on the same day.

Following the investigation, the health district determined that,

“unsafe injection practices related to the administration of anesthesia medication might have exposed patients to the blood of other patients.”

The local prosecutors’ office said it was closely examining the case and raised the possibility of filing charges against the center and some former patients have already contacted lawyers for a possible action against the clinic.

“It won’t happen tomorrow or the next day, but we are taking a hard, fast look at all the facts in the case,” District Attorney David Roger told KLAS-TV.

The clinic would not comment directly regarding the allegations however they did express their concerns for the patients involved and added that new precautions have been set in place.

Although the Southern Nevada Health District stress that “the exposures did not result from the medical procedures performed,” the case has still raised many issues with the citizens of Los Angeles regarding the safety of America’s health care system.

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