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New Helmet Sensor Detects Concussion

New Helmet Sensor Detects Concussion

Shockbox helmet sensor detects head injuries and sends alerts when medical attention is required…

It’s no secret that head injuries are rife in the NFL, last year alone there were over 160, and it’s a problem that’s becoming more prevalent as players get bigger and stronger. But a company based in Ontario hopes to prevent the long-term effects of these head injuries with a new helmet sensor that detects when players been hit too hard.

One of the main problems is that many concussions go undetected, which is where Impakt Protective’s Shockbox with g-force offers its services. The g-force sensors accurately measures the impact sustained by the player and gauges whether medial attention is needed.

When the sensor detects a heavy blow, it sends a color-coded alert – orange over 50G and red over 90G – to yours, or your coach’s mobile phone via Bluetooth. Up to 128 shockbox sensors can be paired to one phone, so coaches can keep track of their whole team.

impakt protective shockbox 550x410 New Helmet Sensor Detects Concussion

Impakt Protective Shockbox Helmet Sensor Detects Concussions

Image Credit: Shockbox, 2013.

The flexible rubber device, which works with Android, iOS and Blackberry, can fit inside any helmet with space between the padding the exterior, and can be used with other contact sports such as hockey, lacrosse, skiing, snowboarding mountain biking and other extreme sports.

The latest Shockbox sensor measures around 5 inches long and resembles a wristwatch. It as well as the sensor, it contains a Bluetooth transmitter, micro USB, rechargeable li-ion battery, and an on/off button.

Helmet Impact Alert Sensor

The alert sensor is able to fit inside any helmet, the Shockbox has already risen above its competition.

Shockbox Helmet Sensor

The revolutionary Shockbox Football Helmet Impact Alert Sensor is one of the most interesting and powerful advances in the world of football and head injury prevention, analysis, and treatment! The information it is able to provide is invaluable.

Once an impact is detected, the sensor sends information to software in a synced laptop or Smartphone, where it is interpreted and converted into an easy-to-read visual and color coded alert.

Already used and trusted by pros like wide receiver Laurent Robinson, Shockbox alerts people on the sidelines to threshold levels of acceleration and force. It also operates as a hit counter, for long-term health observation, as well as a concussion assessment and management tool!

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