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Stack Your Wine Rack – Wine is Healthy


The results are in, and wine is healthy once again. Head to the store and restack your wine racks, because moderate consumption of wine actually has healthy side effects.

Get ready to restack you wine rack. If you thought wine was unhealthy for you, think again.

The misconception around the world is that alcohol is very bad for health. This is not only untrue, but just the opposite. Like everything else, moderation is the key. Red wine is a particularly rich source of antioxidants flavonoid phenolics, so many studies to uncover a cause for red wine’s effects have focused on its phenolic constituents, particularly resveratrol and the flavonoids. which researchers say are beneficial in preventing harmful elements in the body from attacking healthy cells. Resveratrol, found in grape skins, peanuts, blueberries and cranberries and seeds. These foods increases HDL cholesterol and prevents blood from clotting. Flavonoids, on the other hand, exhibit antioxidant properties helping prevent blood clots and plaques formation in arteries.

The Healthy Mechanism in Alcohol

  • Improves blood lipids by raising healthy HDL cholesterol and lowering lousy LDL cholesterol.
  • Decreasing the stickiness of blood which lowers risk for blood clots and increases the process of fibrinolysis (the process of dissolving blood clots).
  • Decreases heart spasms and increases coronary blood flow.
  • Reduces blood pressure and blood insulin.
  • Increases estrogen.

Restack Your Wine Rack

With the release of the health benefit results, many are once again consuming wine, or switching to wine. For those who are considering, or in search of the perfect wine rack, you can find it at the Vine Store. They offer wine racks of all styles and in a variety of bottle capacity sizes. That means wine storage is available for both residential and commercial needs. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee your new wine rack is just a few clicks away!

Wine Rack Styles:

  • Wood Wine Racks
  • Metal Wine Racks
  • Hanging Wine Racks
  • Wall Mounted Wine Racks
  • Wine Rack Furniture
  • Specialty Wine Racks
  • Wine Glasses

The Vine Store specializes in the sale of the highest quality wine racks in the nation. 100% satisfaction guarantee and all shopping is secure! Customer satisfaction is their number 1 priority and why they offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our wine racks. The Vine Store is committed to making you happy and ensuring you have the wine rack that best meets your needs.

Wine Health Benefits Research

David J. Hanson, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the State University of New York at Potsdam, is an expert on alcohol, and writes that moderate drinkers tend to have better health and live longer than those who are either abstainers or heavy drinkers.

Highlights of David J. Hanson Research on Wine Drinkers:

  • Have fewer heart attacks and strokes.
  • Have lower incidence of hypertension, peripheral artery disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and the common cold.
  • Have lowered risk for a myriad of conditions, ranging from Parkinson’s disease to poor physical condition in the elderly.

Overall Health Benefits:

  • Anti-aging effects in red grape skins (Harvard Medical School in Boston, 2004)

Lung Health Benefits:

  • Improved lung function from antioxidants in white wine (American Thoracic Society, 2002)

Heart Health Benefits:

  • Coronary heart disease reduced (University of California, Davis, 1995)
  • Healthier blood vessels in elderly (University of Ferrara in Italy, 2004)

Ulcer Prevention:

  • Ulcer-causing bacteria reduced (American Journal of Gastroenterology, 2003)

Cancer Prevention:

  • Cancer cells killed by protein in red grape skins (University of Virginia Health System, 2004)

Stroke Prevention:

  • Arteries kept clean by polyphenols in red grape skins (William Harvey Research Institute, 2002)

Women’s Health Benefits:

  • Decreased ovarian cancer risk (The Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Australia, 2004)
  • Stronger bones (Twin Research and Genetic Epidemiology Unit, St. Thomas’ Hospital in London, 2004)
  • Lower risk of stroke (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2001)

Men’s Health Benefits:

  • Lower risk of heart attack for men with high blood pressure (Worcester Medical Center in Massachusetts, 2004)


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