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HAPIfork Smart Utensils

HAPIfork Smart Utensils

New smart utensils aim to help dieters control food intake…

In the battle to fight the bulge and stave off those pounds HAPILABS has developed a set of smart utensils designed to help control how much you eat.

The new HAPIfork measure three factors: how long you eat for, how long between each mouthful and how many you take. There’s also a spoon attachment that fits into the same base.

The HAPIfork compiles the data into an easy to understand sport tracking-style interface that can be accessed online. The software provides a 21-day training plan to help you get on the right track.

hapilabs smart hapifork control food intake


Image Credit: HAPILABS, 2013.

To help guide the user, the HAPIfork vibrates gently when the user is eating too fast, or too much. It also features an LED that turns green when you’re eating right, and red when you’re not.

The current model connects to a computer via USB, however there is a Bluetooth version on the way.

There are several smartphone apps that gather similar data to help users track what they eat, but the new smart-utensils are the first ‘hardware’ based devices to do so.

The HAPIfork sells for $99 and will launch later this year.

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