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Hanako Robot Dentist Simulator

Hanako Robot Dentist Simulator

Hanako is designed to feel pain, so you don’t have to…

Three Japanese Universities (Waseda, Kogakuin and Showa) have teamed up with robotics manufacturer, Tmsuk, to develop a female robot designed to imitate the reactions of a patient undergoing dental treatment.

hanako female robot Hanako Robot Dentist Simulator

Hanako Female Dentist Simulator Dummy

The female bot named Hanako, offers dental students a new way to practice procedures in a real-life situation.

Hanako can open and shut her mouth, wiggle her tongue, salivate, sneeze, and vomit. Using touch sensors to detect the mistakes of practicing students, Hanako rolls her eyes in discomfort, or verbally expresses pain using phrases such as “That hurts!”

The device performs so well, that Showa University is already using Hanako in tests for its dental students.

Check out the video below>>>


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