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Hair Test To Detect Breast Cancer On Sale Soon

Hair Test To Detect Breast Cancer On Sale Soon

A revolutionary new test called Fermiscan is able to detect breast cancer from just a few strands of human hair

breast cancer Hair Test To Detect Breast Cancer On Sale SoonA revolutionary test that detects the first signs of breast cancer from a few strands of a woman’s hair could be on sale within months

The simple home test is capable of picking up the disease in the early stages when it is easiest to treat. Fermiscan really could help save thousands of lives.

Fermiscan works by scanning approx 20 strands of hair an inch in length and homing in on any changes that may have happened to the structure of the hairs.

Under a microscope our hair appears as a series of arcs. New scientist magazine reports, “In people with breast cancer, a distinctive ring is superimposed on to these arcs”

Trials on 800 women have shown it is about 80 per cent accurate. However this had lead British experts to question the accuracy of the test which shows a high number of false positive results.

Nevertheless, Fermiscan may become valuable in diagnosing the disease in younger women. Women under the age of 50 account for one in five of all breast cancer patients, but as they have denser breasts, it is harder to screen them with a mammography.

The test will sell in the UK for around 100 pounds and should be available worldwide shortly after its release.


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