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Needle Free Pain Relief For Dental Surgery

Needle Free Pain Relief For Dental Surgery

GumEase provides pain relief for dental surgery without the side effects or complications of drugs.

The new gumEase G100 promises to give dental patients an alternative way to numb the mouth without the use of anesthesia.

gumEase G100
The product is prepared by simply placing it in the freezer until optimal temperature is reached. The proprietary solutions inside the mouthpiece prevent it from freezing, allowing it to form comfortably within the patient’s mouth where it sits for several minutes to begin doing its job.

The low temperatures retained in the gumEase are sufficient to numb the maxillofacial nerves, quickly diminishing pain across a wide area of the mouth.

In patient tests the new gumEase diminished pain by 90-100% in 2 to 3 minutes for the average participant and as there are no side effects the product can be reapplied if the numbness begins to wear off.

Pain Free Dentistry

“It gives dentists an option they didn’t have before”, says Tay McClellan, BioMeDevice CTO, “they can manage patient pain easily in a wider range of situations. Now it’s not a problem to have a patient who can’t use drug-based anesthesia.”

If the gumEase G100 proves to be as effective as they say, it will certainly become a perfect solution for clinicians plagued with patient needle phobia, sharps and the complex issues of hypodermic delivery.


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