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Girl Grows New Kidneys

Girl Grows New Kidneys

Young girl grows new kidneys to sure kidney failure…

A young British girl has shocked the medical world by growing two new kidneys after both failed. Angel Burton, 8, had suffered from severe stomach pains due to repeated infections in her kidneys. By age 5, she already needed surgery but no one was expecting the miracle that was about to happen.

angel burton grows new kidneys 550x332 Girl Grows New Kidneys

Angel Burton

After several scans revealed that Angel was suffering from bilateral reflux – a condition which causes the values in the bladder to leak urine into the kidneys – she was scheduled to undergo surgery at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital in October 2007.

But when doctors began to operate, they found that Angel had four kidneys – two new fully-formed organs sitting on top of her old ones.

The new kidneys had already taken over the roles of her infected ones, effectively curing her of kidney failure. Now 3 years later, Angel is a healthy growing young girl with a bright future ahead of her.
Angle’s new kidneys were not thanks to a feat of regeneration like the salamander lizard, but instead have been attributed to another condition known as duplex kidney.

A duplex kidney is fused to the other and may either share, or have its own ureter draining urine to the bladder. In Angel’s case both her kidneys are duplex and each has its own independent ureter.

Angel’s Mother Claire Burton, 32, who has two other children with husband of ten years, Michael, said:

angel with mother claire burton 300x570 Girl Grows New Kidneys

Mother Claire Burton With Duaghter Angel

‘They’d been in there an hour and a quarter when the surgeon came out…

“The doctor said: ‘We’ve found something very, very strange considering the amount of scans Angel’s had this year.’

‘He went on to explain they’d put a camera in Angel’s bladder so they could repair the valves. They’d found the two openings that were supposed to be there and they’d gone ahead and repaired the two valves…

‘But then they’d found two more openings and when they’d put the camera up, these openings led up to two more perfectly healthy kidneys, just sitting on top of the other ones…

‘He said: ‘They are totally independent. We are just stunned that these have never been picked up on a scan. She’s been having intensive scanning for five years and they’ve never shown up. It looks like the healthy ones have taken over.”

Doctors believe the initial scans missed the extra kidneys because they sat directly on
top of each other. She said: ‘It’s a real miracle. It’s absolutely amazing that none of her earlier scans picked the extra kidneys up. We’re just so grateful to have Angel back to her happy, healthy self.’

Prasad Godbole, consultant pediatric urologist at Sheffield Children’s Hospital who operated on Angel said:

‘I was surprised we had one (a duplex) in Angel because none of the previous x-rays had shown that. Sometimes you could miss it but I was surprised because looking at all the previous x-rays there was no suggestion of this. Her kidneys are working fine.


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