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Robotic Surgery is the Future of Health Care

Robotic Surgery is the Future of Health Care

First Ever Remote Robotic Surgery and the Future of Health Care in Hospitals

Technology is revolutionizing the medical field with the creation of robotic devices and computer assisted surgery. Robots allow for unprecedented control and precision, and the first generations of surgical robots are already in use in surgeries across the U.S and Europe.

joystick.thumbnail Robotic Surgery is the Future of Health CareThe robots assist surgeons in minimally invasive surgeries avoiding large incisions to the body; instead three small incisions are made allowing three metal rods to be inserted into the patient. One rod holds a camera whilst the other two are equipped with surgical tools to carry out the procedure. The operation is viewed through a 3D view finder and controlled by two joysticks.

The Da Vinci Surgical System is one of the robots that have been used to perform gallbladder surgery and correct gastroesophogeal reflux and heart burn. Doctors in Germany have already had success performing coronary bypass surgery with a robot called ZEUS however this machine is still awaiting approval in the US from the Food and Drug Administration. The ultimate goal of the robotic surgery field is to design a robot that can be used to perform closed-chest, beating heart surgery.

Robotic surgery has recently been taken to next level as Argentine Surgeons conducted the world first surgical procedure taught by a U.S. surgeon more than 5,400 miles using a robot.

Using a Remote Presence Robot called RP-7, Dr. Alex Gandsas, an associate professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, guided surgeons in Argentina through a laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedure for the treatment of morbid obesity.

robot Robotic Surgery is the Future of Health Care

The RP-7 Robot is a 5 ft 5 inch robot that uses two way cameras, microphones and wireless technology including a joystick for control and a high speed internet connection to stream information between the two surgeries.

The success of the operation is a break through in medical science, with growing popularity in the development of robots, we are sure to see a rise in computer assisted surgery.

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