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Designer Vagina Surgery and The Australia Government

Designer Vagina Surgery and The Australia Government

Australia Gynecologist have banned female cosmetic surgery for vaginoplasty because it is deemed dangerous when performed by Australian surgeons an clinics.

australia cosmetic surgery Designer Vagina Surgery and The Australia Government

For many women labiaplasty and vaginoplasty represent two private procedures that can assist greatly in self confidence and improve sex life. However this female cosmetic surgery to “rejuvenate” the vagina is off-limits for female Australians. The procedure has been blacklisted by Australian gynecologists because of a claim that women are being injured by Australian surgeons and is now considered a dangerous procedure.

After having the procedure in Australia, Australian patients suffered from scarring, permanent disfigurement, infection and altered sexual sensations, some of whom required reconstructive surgery, after having vaginoplasty in Australian clinics.

Australian offers vaginoplasty quite expensive in Sydney and Gold Coast cosmetic surgery clinics. Vaginoplasty starts at $10,000, and is very expensive cost when compared to Thailand.

Australian government stepping in to prevent this procedure has laminated the need for and desire for patient to travel overseas to have this procedure performed. A vast majority of girls who undergo labia and vaginal surgery were “very happy” with the result and ThaiMed has no reported cases of unsatisfactory outcomes or infections.

It is important that women understand the procedure, risks, and realistic outcome of the procedure. Ultimately the decision should be left for women to decide if the surgery should be performed or not.

When the benefits are compared, it is no wonder why Austrailans are traveling with ThaiMed for various procedures.

female cosmetic plastic surgery Designer Vagina Surgery and The Australia Government

I believe the government should stay out of this personal decision, and focus on encourage patients to seek out the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon who is trained in not just the surgical aspects of cosmetic surgery, but the psychological aspects of the decision like most qualified gynecology obstetrics can do. However the Australian government it seems has added on to their list of banned surgeries in Australia.

Cosmetic Surgery Banned in Australia

banned surgery government Designer Vagina Surgery and The Australia Government

Earlier in the year Australian state’s announcement that cosmetic surgery will soon be banned for most teenagers, some surgeons in the United States applauded the move, foreshadowing a similar push in America.

Australian state of Queensland is banning various procedures not only for teenage cosmetic surgery, but also for adults. Although this move seems like a violation on personal rights and government over stepping its boundaries, it is boost for international medical tourism. Not only will patient be able to receive treatment for the procedures they want, but they will also save money while incorporating an exotic and luxurious private holiday to Thailand.

Surgery Off Limits in Australia:

  1. Vasectomy (limitations imposed)
  2. Teenage Cosmetic Surgery
  3. Labiaplasty
  4. Vaginoplasty
  5. Hymenoplasty

Australian citizens still have hope and actually a better opportunity thanks to medical tourism, and high quality medical care in Thailand. Not only can Australians have a private and luxurious holiday, but they can have a procedure that is banned at home, in Bangkok Thailand hospitals for a medical tour package and all-inclusive price that is cheaper the JUST THE PROCEDURE performed in Australian clinics.

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