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Fake Woman Doctor Kills Man With Penis Injection

Fake Woman Doctor Kills Man With Penis Injection

Fake surgeon kills a man performing a penis enhancing silicone injection…

A 34 year old women posing as a fake doctor has been accused of killing a man after a silicone penis injection performed at her New Jersey home lead to his death a day later.

Justin Street, visited Rivera for the penis enhancement procedure on May 5th, 2011. But just one day later, he died from clots to the lungs.

Medical examiners say the clots were the result of a silicone embolism. Silicone injections are increasingly being used to enlarge body parts, however the only silicone injection approved by the FDA is Botox for use around the eyes.

women kills man with silicone injection Fake Woman Doctor Kills Man With Penis Injection

Botox is the only FDA approved procedure for non-encapsulated silicone

Image Credit: Dr Braun, 2009.

Nevertheless, blackmarket procedures, especially silicone injections to enhance the buttocks and facial features, performed by untrained practitioners are still on the rise, with doctors blaming the slow economy for the increased number of cases.

Although severe side effects from silicone injections are thought to be rare, it is possible that the procedure can poison the bloodstream with silicone, resulting in a potentially fatal clot in the brain, heart or lungs. It can also migrate thought tissue leaving unsightly lumps.

There is also no guarantee that silicone used in ‘pumping’ parties at home will be medical grade. Sometimes toxic substitutes like industrial-grade silicone, castor oil, mineral oil, and petroleum jelly are used, typically with devastating effects.

Last year a model, also from New Jersey, was charged with providing toxic buttock enhancing injections to six women, leaving them all needing surgery. Unfortunately the case was thrown out of court because the indictment failed to state any laws broken. Last month another fake surgeon was accused of carrying out DIY surgery on five people in Florida. Oneal Ron Morris reportedly inserted deadly toxins including cement and tire sealants, then sealing the wounds with superglue.

Rivera has been arrested, charged with manslaughter and is now being held on $75,000 bail.

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  1. The ‘fake woman doctor who killed man, 22, by injecting his penis with silicone during pumping party’. Daily Mail UK, 12/11/2011.

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