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Fake Plastic Surgeon Jailed In Dubai

Fake Plastic Surgeon Jailed In Dubai

Fake Plastic surgeon Steven Moos jailed for performing botched surgeries on his kitchen table…

Fake Plastic Surgeon Steven Moos

Fake Plastic Surgeon Steven Moos

An American doctor has been sentenced to jail in Dubai for stealing the identity of a top plastic surgeon to carryout botched operations on the kitchen table of his apartment that left at least two women badly disfigured.

Steven Moos, 40, was jailed for up to three months and faces extradition to the U.S., where he is also wanted by the FBI on charges of medical fraud.

Described as a general practice physician with a known history of narcotics use, his license was revoked in Portland, Ore., on July 9, 2004.

In the recent case, Moos was accused of convincing up to 100 women in Dubai that he was the famed Dr. Stephen Hopping, former head of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and the currently director of the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in Washington.

One of the victims was left with badly damaged lips and another lost a nipple after breast surgery. Prosecutors said that fat removed during liposuction was simply tossed into a cooling pot and plastic water bottles.

Following the verdict Hopping traveled straight to Dubai, where he also maintains a practice, to evaluate the affected patients, “I will do anything I can to help,” he said.

Calling the case “a travesty,” Hopping said:

“Moos has not only injured these women but has injured my reputation, and to a surgeon reputation is everything…

“I’m particularly embarrassed because this man is an American.”

Dr. Steven Hopping

Dr. Steven Hopping

Despite being know as a plastic surgeon to Hollywood stars, Dr. Hopping said that most of his patients are members of Congress and other D.C. officials.

Moos was said to have gotten away with faking Hopping’s identity by offering prices for surgery as low as $150. Some victims were said to be aware he was a fraud, but couldn’t resist the cheap prices.

An international warrant for his arrest was issued by Interpol in 2008. He was arrested that year in the United Arab Emirates, The Times reported, but released when details of the U.S. charges were not made available.

A Daily Telegraph of London report said Moos carried out a number of botched procedures such as liposuction and fat transfers, and “fudged procedures” like Botox and lip augmentations.

According to Gulf News, Moos is also being questioned by the prosecution about two new cases of botched liposuction on a Palestinian and a Romanian woman.

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