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Expert Tips On How To Conceal Acne

Expert Tips On How To Conceal Acne

Young Californian woman effectively covers her acne with make up and becomes a model…

A young Californian woman has become an Internet sensation after sharing her techniques for concealing acne in a YouTube video that has been watched by more than 3 million people.

Cassandra Banksons, 19, like most teenagers, suffers from acne and without makeup, its clear that her condition is quiet severe. But instead of letting it get her down, she devised her own techniques of applying makeup so that her skin appears flawless.

cassandra bankson acne tip

How to Conceal Acne

Cassandra’s techniques are so effective, that she has become a model; her portfolio can be seen on her diamondsandheels14 channel on YouTube.

The video shows Cassandra fully made up, looking as one expects a model should. She then strips the makeup to reveal the real appearance of her skin. After seeing how well her techniques work, Cassandra then takes views through a step-by-step guide on how she conceals her acne.

Clearly wanting to share her knowledge with the world, Cassandra, who is studying to become a nurse, has started to document her daily struggle with acne over the course of one year, sharing tips, new products and medications and other radical new ideas in a series of clips.

“I hope to have the opportunity to bring advanced dermatology and skincare help to other teens and adults with this condition in the future – fixing it from the source.”


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