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Pokemon Step Counter Helps You Lose Weight

Pokemon Step Counter Helps You Lose Weight

A Pokémon-inspired step counter has topped the list of the most accurate pedometers according to a recent study conducted at the Iowa State University. The study included other popular step counters such as the DigiWalker and the Sensewear armband. However it was the unassuming Nintendo franchised Pokéwalker that turned out to be the most precise.

Step-counters, or pedometers, are portable devices that read the motion of a person’s hip to calculate how many steps they have taken. Pedometers are often used by running enthusiasts, to measure progress and motivate them to reach new targets. They are also particularly useful for those who are exercising in order to lose weight.

pokewalker pokemon pedometer 550x309 Pokemon Step Counter Helps You Lose Weight

Pokewalker Step Counter

Lorraine Lanningham-Foster, an assistant professor of food science and nutrition, told The Gazette that there was much more to the device than simply being able to count steps:

“It’s very accurate and precise. So as a tool that can be used to actually change behavior and a child can use to truly understand and learn about how much they’re walking, it could be a good tool.”

Studies conducted by Dr. Yashiro Hatano in the 1960’s to 1980’s found that the optimal number of steps needed to balance daily caloric intake and physical expenditure is 10,000. By monitoring calorie intake and physical expenditure, scientists would be able further such research to look for modern patterns and trends that attribute to growth development in children.

Pedometers are increasingly being integrated into everyday mobile devices such as the Apple iPod Nano, Nike + system, Nokia 5500 Sports Phones, Sony Ericsson W170 and even handheld gaming console such as the Nintendo DS.

With so many devices sporting step counting technology, there’s probably little need to rush out buy a device solely for this purpose, nevertheless, the Pokémon theme could be a great motivator for the young who need to lose weight, or even for the younger generation who simply love to exercise.

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