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Ensure Safety at Your Workplace with Simple Testing Kits

Ensure Safety at Your Workplace with Simple Testing Kits

Affordable drug testing packages tailored for drug testing employees in the workplace.

More and more employers are opting for screens and drug testing at work to ensure the safety and insurance compliance of their staff. With most employers choosing to test their teams, it makes sense to seek out screening kits and devices that can pinpoint specific chemicals.

For instance, if you want to screen current workers for marijuana or opiates, there is a specific dip-strip test kit for these drugs. If you are looking for a screen that offers a range of different drug detection, there are other strips for this task.

Lab Drug Testing

These kits might also come in handy when attempting to determine the medication compliance of someone on prescribed drugs. Some labs will offer levels and numbers to help you understand and decipher the results of these tests, which can identify if the individual is taking their prescribed medications as ordered.

Bulk Drug Supplies

Obtaining bulk supplies of testing strips may actually send a message to those working on the site, and could motivate compliance among employees.

Testing doesn’t have to be terribly expensive or time-delayed; with some simple dip-strip testing kits, you can let your staff know that there is a potential for testing which may foster compliance with your hiring standards and workplace guidelines.

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