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Eight Limbed Boy Wants Surgery To Remove Parasitic Twin

Eight Limbed Boy Wants Surgery To Remove Parasitic Twin

Eight limbed boy just wants to be normal…

deepak paswaan 300x404 Eight Limbed Boy Wants Surgery To Remove Parasitic Twin

Deepak Paswaan

The family of an en eight-year-old boy from the village of Bihar, Eastern India, is hoping to find a surgeon who will operate to remove his parasitic twin.

Deepak Paswaan is worshipped by some who believe his is the reincarnation of the Indian God Lakshmi, but he is stoned by others who believe the twin is the sign of the devil.

The parasitic twin stopped developing in the womb leaving Deepak with arms, legs and buttocks protruding from his chest.

Mother Indu, 28 supports her son’s decision to have the twin removed, but her husband earns less than 2 dollars a day and cannot afford to pay for the surgery.

The family has launched an appeal to raise the thousands of dollars needed for the surgery; however money is not the only problem.

Although no x-rays have been taken, it is clear that the parasitic twin shares Deepak’s blood supply. Dr. Manny Alvarez, managing editor of health at and Chairman of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Reproductive Science at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey said that surgery would be extremely complicated, if not impossible due to the large amount of vascular structures that would need repairing.

Nevertheless Deepak want his parasitic twin removed so he can live a normal life.

“I am tired of being different. I just want to live normally,” the youngster said. [Metro UK]

Deepak is not the first eight-limbed baby to be born in Bihar. In 2007 Lakshmi Tatma – named after the Indian God – underwent a 27-hour operation to remove her parasitic twin. Lakshmi is now walking and going to school.

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