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Eggs For Breakfast Helps Weight-Loss

Eggs For Breakfast Helps Weight-Loss

An apple a day is great to keep the doctor away, but an egg a day can help unwanted calorie intake at bay…

New research has shown that eating one egg for breakfast everyday can go a long way in helping dieters stave off unwanted calories.

The first of its kind study, conducted at a Surrey University in England suggests that eating eggs for breakfast helps reduce calorie intake at lunch and dinner. Researchers say this because eggs keep us fuller for longer compared with other breakfast foods. Eggs also help reduce the urge to snack on biscuits, cake or chocolate during the day.

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Eggs For Breakfast Aids Weight-Loss

Image Credit: Denis Dervisevic, 2010.

The study compared three typical breakfast meals, all containing the same amount of calories – eggs on toast, cornflakes and milk, and croissant and orange juice.

Participants who ate eggs breakfast all said they felt fuller for longer and had a lower desire to eat during the day. This was echoed in the results, which showed eating eggs led to a significant decrease in energy intake at lunch and dinner.

The study didn’t look at how bacon and sausage compare to other breakfasts, however since these contain high levels of fat, it’s no doubt that eggs are the healthier option when it comes to your morning meal.


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