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Drug-Jelly Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Drug-Jelly Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

Drug Jelly packed with insulin could replace injections…

A new jelly infused with insulin has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels for up to 5 days. The new method could help reduce the number of insulin injections and eliminate the blood sugar hi’s and low’s

To create the jelly the scientist’s begin by infusing glucagon-like peptide-1, a hormone that regulates the release of insulin, with a heat-sensitive polymer.

Since peptides and polymers are made of amino acids, the scientists can engineer bacteria to create one long chain that contains both the drug and its vehicle

The amino acid chain is then injected under the skin as a liquid, but when the polymers come into contact with body heat, they form into a gel. Skin enzymes then attack the gel, which releases the peptides slowly.

drug jelly could replace insulin injections 550x539 Drug Jelly Helps Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

New Drug Jelly Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Image Credit: Armin Kübelbeck, 2006.

In tests on mice, the drug’s effects lasted five days, which is 120 times longer than a standard insulin injection.

One peptide drug already used to treat diabetes only requires weekly injections, however the procedure is extremely painful due to the size of the capsules. The new drug-jelly however, does away with the needle for pain free administering.

The researchers noted that the method could also be used for delivering other peptide drugs to treat cancer and other diseases.

The study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Future research could make it last even longer.


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