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Drink Milk To Stop Garlic Breath

Drink Milk To Stop Garlic Breath

Drinking milk can help to neutralize garlic breath…

Scientists have found that drinking milk can help to neutralize the lingering odor that plagues ones breath after consuming garlic.

In tests with both raw and cooked cloves, researchers found that milk “significantly reduced” levels of the sulphur compounds responsible garlic’s pungent odor.

drink milk to neutralize garlic breath

Drink Milk To Counter Garlic Breath

Sipping milk while eating garlic proved to be most effective, as mixing the milk with garlic in mouth seemed to produce the best deodorizing effects; full-fat milk also worked better then skimmed milk.

Garlic smells because it contains allyl methyl sulphide or AMS, and this cannot be broken down in the stomach. Instead the compound is released from the in the breath and sweat.

Garlic does however, have great nutritional value too, so cutting it from your diet is rather unhealthy (and un-tasty) way to rid yourself of garlic breath.

Authors of the study, Sheryl Barringer and Areerat Hansanugrum, explained that it is the water and fat content of milk that helps to deodorize the smell.

They also said that other foods such as mushrooms and basil, and even plain water, can help to neutralize garlic smells. But it is the mixture of fat and water together that works best:

“The results suggest that drinking beverages or foods with higher water and/or fat content such as milk may help reduce the malodorous odor in breath after consumption of garlic and mask the garlic flavor during eating,”


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