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Do Toning Shoes Really Work

Do Toning Shoes Really Work

Can a simple shoe help you build leg muscles without going to the gym?

Controversy has arisen over the newest fad in the athletic shoe industry – toning shoes. Companies such as Reebok, MBT and Skechers, who manufacture toning shoes claim that the bulky, unstable soles force people to improve muscle tone and build strength naturally while they walk.

As one Skechers commercial put it: “ Get in shape, without setting foot in a gym.”

With prices ranging from $100 – $250 a pair, customers would hope that the muscle toning claims are true, but two recent studies conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) would suggest otherwise.

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Do Toning Shoe Really Work

The non-profit group compared the benefits of toning shoes with ordinary running shoes. ACE’s Todd Galati explained:

“Both studies found that there was no significant difference between any of the toning shoes and the standard running shoe,”

“These shoes are not a magic pill. It is the walking that will make a difference in your life. Not the shoe.”

But many people already sporting a pair of toning shoes are happy with the results. One satisfied customer, Carin Willis, spoke to reporters outside her Boston office:

“They’re very heavy. They’re very ugly. I followed the hype of great for your legs, great for all that,”

“Do I think they’ve resculpted my legs? No. But I do think it has helped with my back and my posture.”

Of course, manufacturers who make toning shoes dismissed the study findings and agreed with the positive feedback. Leonard Armato, president of Skechers Fitness Group explained that the ACE’s studies were too limited to give accurate results:

“Well, first of all, I would say that the study that they conducted is deeply flawed,”

He went onto explain that “more than a dozen larger and more rigorous studies contradict the ACE’s findings.

“Skechers has received 12,000 unsolicited positive reviews of Shape-ups. And many of these people insist that the benefits they have received have literally transformed their lives for the better.”

Despite the claims that toning shoes do not work, Galati did say that while the shoes might not be magic, they may motivate people to walk and exercise more, which can only be a good thing.


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