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Dissolving Condoms With STD Fighting Drugs

Dissolving Condoms With STD Fighting Drugs

Researchers Develop Dissolving Condoms With STD Fighting Drugs…

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed dissolving condoms that release drugs to help prevent sexually transmitted disease.

The new condom is made of nanofabric, which is created using process called electospinning – making fibers from a liquid inside of an electric field. This technique allows scientists to manipulate variables such as strength, solubility and shape of the material. They can then add antiretrovirals to the resulting material.

electrospun fibers dissoving condoms

Electrospun Fibers Used To Make New Dissolving Condoms

Image Credit: Kin Woodrow, 2012.

The technique can not only be use to making condoms, it can also be applied when making female contraceptives like a vaginal ring. So while dissolving condoms may not help those who simply don’t want to use the latex form of contraception, an STD fighting vaginal ring certainly would.

No word on when the condoms, or a dissolving vaginal could hit the commercial market, there’s likely years of testing ahead before the contraception will receive FDA approval. Nevertheless any form of birth control that also fights STDs is something the world can look forward to.

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