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Dentures Save Man Shot In Face

Dentures Save Man Shot In Face

Dentures deflect bullet and save elederly man’s life…

An elderly Brazilian man has remarkable survived a fatal gunshot wound to the face after the bullet deflected off his false teeth and lodged in his throat.

Eighty-one Zacarias Pacheco de Moraes was shot whilst working behind a bar in small western city of Alta Floresta on Thursday, May 26th. The reasons for the shooting are still unknown.

Globo TV’s G1 website – where the story was originally posted the following Saturday – quoted hospital official Jose Marcos da Silva who explained that the bullet would have pierced Moreas brain had it not hit his dentures and lodged in his throat.

Marcos added that the bullet will not be removed immediately because surgery right now would be too risky.
After the ordeal, Moreas is said to be in a stable condition, but is at risk of becoming partially sighted as the bullet damaged some of the eye.

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