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CRoC Tourniquet Clamp Stops Penis Gunshot Wounds Bleeding

CRoC Tourniquet Clamp Stops Penis Gunshot Wounds Bleeding

The versatile CRoC (Combat Ready Clamp) stops bleeding from gunshot wounds…

Getting shot in the groin is bad… and it’s also one of the worst regions of the body to take a hit – closely followed by wounds to the chest, abdomen, or neck – simply because it’s so difficult to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding of a junctional hemorrhage.

The CRoC, or Combat Ready Clamp, developed by Combat Medical Systems has been designed to help treat this problem; by applying pressure to awkward areas of the body.

croc combat ready clamp tourniquet 550x309 CRoC Tourniquet Clamp Stops Penis Gunshot Wounds Bleeding

CRoC Tourniquet Stops Bleeding In Awkward Areas

Bleeding is the number cause of death on the battlefield, but an estimated 25% of those who suffer such injuries could potentially survive, if the bleed can be controlled until a hospital can be reached that is.

The CRoC unique design is able to clamp down on junctional hemorrhages, the majority of which occur in the pelvis, eliminating the need for manual pressure, and thus increasing the victim’s chances of survival.

Constructed from aluminum, the CRoC is lightweight, collapsible and easy to apply and remove; making it perfect for use in tactical environments where the correct medical equipment may not be readily available.

Costing around 450 dollars each, the CRoC presents itself as a relatively low-cost, life saving solution to many battlefield gunshot wounds.


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