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Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated

Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated

Doctors at Stanford successfully separate conjoined twins…

Two-year-old conjoined twins who shared a liver, diaphragm and sternum have successfully been separated in a 9-hour operation at the Lucile Packard Children Hospital at Stanford University, Palo Alto.

The procedure, which took place on Tuesday 8th and involved a team of more than 20 doctors and nurses, was made less complicated as the twins did not share a heart or ribs, however separating the liver was extremely difficult due to the risk of hitting veins and arteries.

The twins, Sabuco, will be kept at the hospital for two-three weeks where they will recover and undergo physiotherapy to learn how to walk on their own two feet.

In the clip below, which was filmed around two weeks prior to the operation, you can see the girls running around together un-phased by their disability.

The primary reason for carrying out the surgery was not to give the girls a better social life, but to reduce the risk of server health complications in later years.

Dr. Gary Hartman, who performed the surgery, explained that if they had stayed attached their spines would have become more bent, and they would have developed muscle problems. Furthermore, if one twin died happened to die for whatever reason, the other would also die within hours.

In the next clip, filmed 3 day after the surgery, mother Ginady Sabuco explains how the girls are doing well, and thanks everyone involved for their help and support.


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