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Clinical Trial Management

Clinical Trial Management

Clinical trials are conducted in a series of steps, called phases – each phase is designed to answer a separate research question.

Content management platforms are specially designed to help navigate the heavly regulated environment of Life Science. These platforms help address specific tasks and challenges.

As the pace of Life Science quickens and competition increases it is becoming more important to have full disclosure systems. This helps to ensure correct data, validate and verify claims, provide high standard of safety, and secure international patents. Documenting and cataloging the entire process can be tedious and time consuming but it is a must. Thankfully software is helping clinics and pharmacutical companies with this entire process from start to finish.

Clinical Transparency

Clinical Transparency
During trials, it is very important for clinical transparency. Trial management software helps to manage this complex process. It can help with editing, reviewing, authoring, and approving clinical trials application information on and other international registries such as EudraCT.

PharmaCM CT is currently implemented at 7 of the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies.

Data Transparency

Data Transparency
The Data Transparency platform allows clinical trial sponsors to manage the sharing oftrial data with the public. This provides complete commitment data transparency. Through a websiteclinical trial sponsors can easily publish this data and other specific information related to their organization.

The interface also controls non-public access to trial data. It can help capture clinical trial data requests from requestors. It then will forward those requests to trial sponsors. The updates and communications are then easily managed and reviewed by both sides. Once the requests have been approved, access can easily be granted by the sponsor or review board, providing restricted security.

The data transparency platform allows sponsors to manage and track global clinical trial data transparency.

Pharma CM is the platform that provides this and more. It is helping to make the complex understandable. With more than 8 years of experience, the Pharma CM team understands the importance of disclosure and an efficient business processes.

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