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Cheating Aids Weight Loss

Cheating Aids Weight Loss

Having an affair has health benefits…

While I’m in no way advocating adultery, a new study suggests that having extra marital affairs actually comes with health benefits.

The study, conducted by a UK website, asked 3,000 of it’s philandering members how much weight (if any) they had lost since being the affair.

Of the 1,500 female respondents 62 percent reported some weight loss, dropping an average of 10lbs. Of the male respondents, 53 reported weightless, dropping an average of 6lbs.

The website’s spokesperson, Emily Pope, explained in a press release:

“It’s well known that we eat more, and less healthily, when we’re unhappy. Many members have endured years, and in some cases decades, of marital unhappiness before embarking on their affair. The instant joy and boost to self-esteem that many experience by having a new lover and the desire to look their best for them, can provide the perfect incentive to lose weight.”

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Why Cheating Aids Weight Loss

Pope added that increase sexual activity might also contribute to the extra calories burned.

But some experts are quick to dispute the study’s findings. Psychologist and HuffPost Divorce blogger, Dr. Jeff Gardere, noted that the added stress from keeping an affair secret could also be behind the weight loss. He said:

“No matter how much fun you may be having during these one night stands and adulterous affairs, the stress that is caused by sneaking around and not getting caught, and lying to your spouse is tremendous,”

“Feeling guilt after the sex act and the affair also brings on additional stress too. So yes, you are losing weight during your illicit physical/sexual activity and even losing additional weight from the aforementioned stress, but this stress is also placing you at risk for all sorts of physiological illnesses.”

Others experts such as nutritionist and Huff Post Divorce blogger Barbara Mendez explained the effects of having an affair slowly wear off, at which point the weight is likely to return.

The dopamine rush of an affair is like the rush you get when you fall in love which in turn suppresses appetite. So you eat less and that added to the calories burned would indeed help you lose weight. But it is short lived. As soon as the affair goes sour, the weight will likely come back.”

Nevertheless, while the study is far from conclusive, it would seem that the extra hide and play involved with cheating on your partner does indeed help some people drop off the weight.

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