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Cheap Artificial Hymens

Cheap Artificial Hymens

Women can now revirginate themselves without expensive surgery, using this $29 dollar artificial hymen.

There is hardly a country in the world where sex toy’s do not raise controversy. Be them illegal or not, some folks just can’t stand the thought of even seeing a tool used for someone else sexual pleasure. Nevertheless, the sex industry is big business and those manufactures of all things sex are constantly finding new and (err?) intriguing methods of fornication.

Enter the artificial hymen, a sex toy for those who care not to tread too closely to the borderline practice of taking a lady’s virginity.

artificial hymen Cheap Artificial Hymens

With this unique sex toy, ladies can once again become a virgin in a matter of minutes. Chinese manufacturers of the artificial hymen, Gigimo, describes the product as a “soluble and expandable” pouch that’s placed in the vagina about 20 minutes before sex. The hymen then leaks a blood-looking liquid upon penetration.

The sex toy has gained some press in the Middle East, after conservative Egyptian politicians voiced concerns that the product may be used to fake a bride’s virginity. They are now calling for the product to be banned throughout the country.

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