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Cancer Patient Has Surgery To Look Like Demi Moore


Cancer patient will have 60,000 dollars of cosmetic procedures to look like Demi Moore before she dies.

A cancer patient with an inoperable brain tumor is having cosmetic surgery to fulfill her dream of looking like the actress Demi Moore, before she dies.

Despite being stunning brunette, Lisa Connell, 29, admits to never being happy with her looks and hopes that surgery will make her look as beautiful as Demi.

“I’ve always dreamed of looking like Demi Moore and I’m determined that when I die I will,” she said.

“People think I’m crazy for wanting to do this, but I know it will make my last months or years happier. I want to die beautiful. This is my way of getting the control back in my life.”

Lisa plans to undergo several procedures including liposuction, a breast enhancement, an eyebrow lift, as well as work on her skin and teeth. Totaling approx £40,000 ($58,000) Lisa will use the money her mother Angela had saved for her wedding to pay for the surgeries.

Cancer Patient Has Surgery To Look Like Demi Moore

Mum Angela, 48, said:

“I really don’t want Lisa to put herself through this. She is a beautiful girl and she doesn’t need the surgery…
“It was really hard for me to accept when she said she wanted to do this but she is my daughter, I love her and I want to bring joy to her life for however long she may have left.”

Shortly after having a miscarriage in 2006, Lisa was diagnose with an inoperable brain tumor. She had been suffering from painful headaches and loss of sight in her left eye during pregnancy, and both conditions worsened after losing the baby.

A scan at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital revealed a large tumor in the center of her brain, Although the tumor is not cancerous, it can not be removed because of its position.

After the diagnosis, Lisa attempted to take her own life twice:

“It is like living with a ticking time bomb. No specialist can tell me how long I have to live. I was so desperate I even tried to overdose on sleeping tablets.”

As Lisa’s spirits began raise, she started a keep-fit programme, raising money for charity on a sponsored run. But later that year she was admitted to hospital with a brain infection. Another scan showed that the tumor had grown further limiting the amount of time she has left to live.

It was this scan which made Lisa decide to the have the cosmetic surgery.

“It is not the usual dream of someone with a terminal illness but it is my body, my choice.”

Lisa, who has been single since splitting with her partner shortly after the miscarriage, said:

“I want surgery on my face to correct the drooping and make it less drastic when my condition deteriorates. But I won’t leave it at that – I want the full works, top to toe, including my boobs as they are heading south…
“Demi is so attractive, beautiful and vibrant. I would love to look like her. I want to look beautiful when I die. Inside I’m melting away, but on the outside I want to be strong and stunning.”

Lisa’s own surgery will be carried out at the Skin Health Spa clinic in London starting in the next two weeks.
She is also aiming to raise £1million for brain tumor charities before she dies. She has set up a website www.rentadate, where people can bid for dates with celebrities backing her cause.

“I hope the surgery will give me a new lease of life and the confidence I need to live the rest of my days to the full…
“I can’t go and treat people. I can’t make them better. But I can raise awareness and I can raise funds for research…
“If I can do that I’ll die a happy woman. Happy and beautiful.”

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