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Build Muscle Quickly and Naturally

Build Muscle Quickly and Naturally

Advice on how to build muscles quickly and naturally without steroids and human growth hormones.

As the summer rolls nearer, many people are for fast effective ways to lose weight, buff up and look good in their beach wear.

How to Build Muscle Quickly

While any kind of exercise benefits the body, weight training or resistance training is one of the best solutions to help you shape up and make those muscles bulge.

6 Tips to Help You Build Muscles Quickly

1. Lift Weights Using Slow Movements

Fast lifting uses momentum and this reduces the strain on the muscle. Try doing your reps slow and controlled, this makes the muscle work with maximum effort.

2. Execute the movement properly

Make sure your stance and posture is correct when lifting. If you are out of alignment then the muscle will not work properly and this may lead to injury.

3. Rest between weight-lifting days; muscles grow during rest

If you have had an extensive lifting session, be sure to let your muscles rest and heal. If you are egger to go to the gym within 2 or 3 days of a heavy lifting session, stick to cardio exercises. This will help your muscles regenerate ready for more work.

4. Do not do cardio beyond 90 minutes

Keep cardio workouts under 90 minutes. Excessive cardio workouts tend to build more lean muscle rather than the buff muscular shape you’re seeking.

5. Feed your muscles the correct carbs and protein

If you do not eat properly before and after your workout, you muscles will not grow.
Consuming lean protein such as egg whites, low fat yogurt, whole grain carbs such as oatmeal and whole-wheat toast, all provide good fuel.

Try eating smaller meals more often throughout the day and avoid sugary white processed foods, which wreak havoc with glucose levels and your immune system.

Make sure you stay hydrated with enough water as water is essential for all metabolic processes.

6. Alternative to Anabolic Steroids

Many people who are seeking a quick solution to building muscle turn to steroids. Steroids are known for having harmful side effects of including diabetes, rage, aggression, uncontrollable mood-swings and significant changes to body systems that are not natural to the user’s gender.

According to studies and research, the use of anabolic steroids merely inflates the muscles and does not provide permanent results.

There are many other supplements that also claim to build the muscles quickly. Many of these supplements available are not illegal, and while some may claim false results, others like Endothil CR have shown better results.

Endothil CR Weightlifting Supplement

Dr. David Summers, the creator of the widely respected and still used natural supplement, Endothil CR stated,

“I have spent the last two years on my newest formulation and next generation natural fitness supplement for men and women called Stemulite. It is a stronger formulation than Endothil and now has seven key all-natural ingredients of very effective and targeted natural proteins, enzymes and amino acids, including a stem cell agonist and a trace mineral called indium.”

Stemulite, the core muscle building ingredient, is a natural dietary adult stem cell agonist. When working out and pushing our bodies, our muscles and ligaments suffer tiny micro tears, creating the soreness from exercise. Stemulite quickly goes to work recruiting the sleeping adult stem cells in our bodies and starts building new muscle. Keep in mind this is new muscle, not the temporary enlarged effect that anabolic steroids create.

“Stemulite is the most powerful supplement I have ever put into my body, period,” says Corey Simpson, a former Mr. Florida and now active fitness professional. “In the first couple of weeks of using Stemulite, I increased the weight I was lifting by 30 percent and I doubled the amount of repetitions in my workout. It was a little hard to believe. In weeks, my muscle definition changed and I dropped excess water weight. In addition, Stemulite has also given me a great and deeper sleep, which is so important for recuperation. I just feel better than ever and have so much more endurance and energy.”


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