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Man Pulls Out 13 Teeth With Pliers

Man Pulls Out 13 Teeth With Pliers

Man Pulls Out 13 Teeth After Being Turned Down By 30 NHS Dentists

British Iraq War veteran Ian Boynton pulled out 13 of his own teeth because he could not afford private treatment.

The former soldier decided to self-operate after being turned down by more two dozen NHS dentists. Boynton explained:

“I’ve tried to get in at 30 dentists over the last eight years but have never been able to find one to take on NHS patients.”

English NHS Dental Care Forces Veteran To Pull Teeth with Pliers

Boynton, 42, from Beverley, East Yorkshire, had not had his teeth looked at since seeing an army dentist in 2003.

Boynton started suffering from toothache in 2006 when he decided to take drastic action.

“I started having pain in a front tooth, which protruded slightly more than the others. I was constantly fiddling with it and wiggling it because it hurt so much…

“In the end I knew it had to come out and had to use the pliers to pull it. Amazingly, it did not hurt as much as you might think…

“I think I’d been prising it that much in the meantime that I’d been killing the nerve.”

Over the last two years Boynton has pulled out a total over 13 teeth including molars, incisors and canines. He now only has two teeth left in the roof of his mouth.

“It’s a horrible situation to be in when you can’t afford to go to the dentist when your teeth were so bad.”

With all the press Mr Boynton’s situation has gathered, he has now managed to find an NHS dentist to take him on. Boynton said:

“I think the situation has improved slightly because of all the uproar. Unfortunately it came too late for me…

“I desperately needed a dentist because, although I’m no longer in pain, I need to have false teeth as I’m finding it difficult to eat…

“Unfortunately I can’t make false teeth myself.”

Although Boynton’s case seems to reflect negligence in Britain’s free health care plan, a spokes person for the NHS East Riding of Yorkshire said:

“Mr Boynton’s case gave an inaccurate scare-mongering picture of dental service provision in East Yorkshire based solely on the claims of one man…

“As well as 34 dental practices, we have seven dental access centers across East Riding of Yorkshire, including Beverley, where Mr Boynton could access a full range of NHS dentist services…

“So there is absolutely no reason why anyone should have to resort to pulling out their own teeth. NHS East Riding of Yorkshire has invested around £1 million in helping dentists target new patients. At many of our dental practices appointments are being offered to new patients within two weeks…

“Our local out-of-hours and Accident and Emergency Services would have both been able to give Mr Boynton details of how to access emergency/urgent dental services if he had approached them.”

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