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Indiegogo Device Analyzes Breath To Aid Weight Loss

Indiegogo Device Analyzes Breath To Aid Weight Loss

New breathalyzer analyzes your metabolism to help battle the bulge…

Indiegogo’s new portable metabolism tracker is the latest tool in the battle to lose weight.

Dubbed Breezing, the mouse-sized breathalyzer measures your metabolism by analyzing rates of oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. The data is transmitted to your mobile device via Bluetooth, where the accompanying app then calculates the efficiency of your metabolism using technique called indirect calorimetry.

The app analyzes your resting energy expenditure (REE), and respiratory quotient, to let you know where you’re burning carbs or fats, and how fast you’re working off the calories.

The system, created by four Ph.Ds, mostly from Arizona State University, was developed to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals by providing feedback on the body’s metabolism, and letting them known how many more calories they should lose.

The app allows you to share your achievements with your friends, which makes for great motivation when dieting with others.


Breezing Breathalyzer Analyzes Metabolism To Aid Weight Loss

Breezing is said to be the very first of it’s kind, and the developers hope the device will help emphasize the importance of metabolism tracking:

“For most people, 70-80 percent of the calories you burn comes from metabolism — not exercise.”

Breezing is currently being offered for $250 as part of a crowd funding campaign launched by the company. Indiegogo hope’s to raise $100,000 and plans to deliver the product in May 2013.

Unfortunately, the $250 base price only gets you 10 sensor cartridges, which are only good for one use. However a pledge of $400 will not only get you $40 cartridges but extra mouth pieces too.

If the device takes off, the cost of extra cartridges would be likely to come down to just a few dollars per piece, which to many, may be small price to pay to lose weight.

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