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Transsexual Charged With Manslaughter After Performing Botch Buttock Surgeries

Transsexual Charged With Manslaughter After Performing Botch Buttock Surgeries

Transvestite is charged with the death of patient following botch buttock enhancement….

A transvestite who had been performing botch cosmetic surgeries for more than 5 years has been arrested and charged with manslaughter over the death of a woman following a buttock-enhancement surgery.

Oneal Morris, 32, known as the Duchess to her patients, allegedly sealed Shatarka Nuby’s buttock injections with super glue and cotton ball, according to the sheriff’s official.

Shortly after the surgery Nuby suffered a ‘massive systemic silicone migration’ from the foreign substance in her body. This caused her skin to turn black, and the area where the injections had been administered to turn hard and hot before Nuby sadly passed away in March.

During her ordeal, Nuby wrote a letter to investigators at the Department of Health to swear that she had employed Ms. Morris to perform the procedure around 10 times between 2007 and 2011.

Nuby said she paid hundreds of dollars for each home visit from Ms Morris, who would come to her house in Tallahassee to perform buttock, hip, thigh and breast injections with an unknown substance.

Ms Morris, who was born a man but identifies as a women, has a list of patients who also suffered complications after receive injections they claim contained bathroom caulk, cement, super glue, mineral oil, and even fix-and-flat temporary tire fixer – but only Shatarka Nuby’s were fatal.

Oneal Morris, who was also arrested last autumn for practicing medicine without a license, and causing serious bodily harm, had been wanted by the police for almost a year. She was finally arrested Thursday 27th July, at her mother’s home in South Florida.

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