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Bomb Scare At Detroit Hospital

Bomb Scare At Detroit Hospital

News video about a bomb scare at Detroit Hospital from a patient refused medical care and fed up with the deteriorating health care system in America

A man walked into Detroit Receiving Hospital on Saturday with an explosive device, causing panic inside the busy emergency room. FOX 2’s Camille Amiri shows us how officers got things under control, and what that man was carrying.

The health care system in the United States has over the years suffered some major set backs – usually in the way of malpractice or certain policy changes – and these event continuously threaten to break the publics longstanding faith and trust in the system.

Currently the hot topic up for public debate, no doubt fuel by Michael Moore’s recent film Sicko, is America’s health insurance system. Insurers are notorious for refusing claims, or making it extremely difficult to have one approved (read our recent article on How To Beat Your Stubborn Health Insurer) and this has led the public to notice that the system has major flaws.

Events like the recent bomb scare in Detroit is another reminder that other of areas of America’s health service are also deteriorating. For this reason many Americans are now opting to have their surgical procedures carried out abroad in countries that provide more nurses, better care, and more affordable luxury.

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