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Bionic Lenses For Cataracts Better Than 20-20 Vision

Bionic Lenses For Cataracts Better Than 20-20 Vision

Bionic lens give patients high definition sight…

British surgeons have develop a new technique to correct vision by implanting an adjustable lenses in the eye.

Surgeons begin the process by implanting a special light sensitive silicone lens into the eye using the same standard procedure for cataracts.

The lens is implanted with a basic focus in place. Then, using ultraviolet light, surgeons can alter the shape and curvature of the lens, to sharpen the image seen by the patient. Once optimal vision is achieved, one final blast of light permanently fixes the lenses’ shape.

Bionic Lenses Promise Better Than 20/20 Vision

The technique is said to give patients high-definition vision that is better than 20/20.

Bobby Qureshi, the first ophthalmic surgeon in the UK to use the lens, described it as “a hugely significant development”.

The procedure can be used to correct both cataracts and the long-sightedness that usually comes with age. It can also overcome the tiny defects in the eye that cause visual distortions.

Mr Qureshi told reporters:

“We have the potential here to change patients’ vision to how it was when they were young…
“The change is so accurate that we can even make the lens bifocal or varifocal, so as well as giving them good vision at distance we can give them good vision for reading…

“They won’t need their glasses at all.”

Gill Balfour, a patient suffering from cataracts and other vision problems, was one of the first patients to be fitted with the new lens at the Spire Gatwick Park Hospital. She said:

“It’s absolutely incredible. To think it’s been tailor-made for you, matching any imperfections. It’s the way forward, isn’t it?”

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