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0 comments Selling Designer Sperm And Eggs fertility introduction service provides good-looking DNA for all…

Social networking website is now selling designer sperm and eggs from the prettiest people on the planet.

The website has recently launched a new ‘fertility introduction service’ that aims to provide beautiful DNA for your future children.

beautifulpeople selling designer sperm and eggs

Designer Sperm and Eggs From BeautifulPeople

Despite the websites less-than-politically correct stance, the new program will try to facilitate meetings between good-looking egg and sperm donors and ‘regular looking people’ who want to have a baby.
Robert Hintze, the site’s founder, said:

“Initially, we hesitated to widen the offering to non-beautiful people…

“But everyone- including ugly people – would like to bring good-looking children into the world and we can’t be selfish with our attractive gene pool.”

Greg Hodge, the site’s managing director said:

“Every parent would like their child to be blessed with many fine attributes, attractiveness being one of the most sought after.”

The new projected is certainly not the first the time we’ve heard of designers babies, nor is the first time have made the news with its controversial decisions.

The website made the headlines earlier this year following the removal of over 5000 members who had put on pounds over Christmas. After receiving complaints the newly chubby members were demoted back to the rating stage to be reviewed by others – those who weren’t beautiful enough were rejected.

Making the cut isn’t easy, only 1in 5 applicants are accepted in the exclusive dating site. So far has over 600,000 good-looking singles looking for dates in over 190 countries.

But the new project appears to have a lighter policy on availability, finally allowing regular folk to reproduce with the gorgeous people of the world.

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