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Avoiding Memory Killers


5 memory killers you should avoid…

Memory is marvelous thing, it is as important as any of our five senses and is essential to our survival. As a physiological process, memory is so complex that it is not yet fully understood, but one thing we do know is that our memory is susceptible to damage. By avoiding certain ‘memory killers’ you can help preserve your memory and help your brain function at its best.

memory Avoiding Memory Killers

5 Memory Killers You Should Avoid


For our bodies to function properly, we need a healthy balanced diet. Our diet can greatly affect the body’s appearance and internal organs but it can also affect your brain’s ability to function. The brain uses glucose as its main source of fuel, so be sure to get your recommended daily intake.

More serious cases of memory loss can also arise from malnutrition. A serious disorder known as Korsakoff’s syndrome can develop in individuals short of thiamine (vitamin B1). Korsakoff’s syndrome can lead to severe retrogade and anterograde amnesia including confabulation.


A little known side effect of smoking is that it can also affect your memory. Several studies have indicated that smokers, particularly middle-aged and elderly, show a decline in both memory and cognitive ability in comparison to non-smokers.

Although previous studies have shown that the acute effects of nicotine may improve certain areas of short-term memory, these effects are only temporary. It is the long term effects of smoking that cause mental decline.

Binge Drinking

While it is no secret that a night of excessive drinking can cause acute memory loss, repeated binges of alcohol consumption can lead to increased memory loss later on in life.

Although longer study and follow-up is needed to fully understand the details, researchers are trying to make the message clear – if you drink, don’t binge.


The foundation of psychoanalysis rests on the idea that when we experience mental trauma, the brain takes that memory and locks it away out of reach. Stressful events or periods of our live are often tucked away and repressed. These repressed memories can have serious consequences later on in life.


Herpes is just one of several health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke or depression, that can cause serious memory loss.

Most case of herpes will not have a great affect on the memory but a form of the infection known as herpes simplex encephalitis can have devastating results.

Herpes encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain, it’s one of the most severe infections of the human central nervous system. It can cause serious memory loss, but luckily it is extremely rare. The condition can only be contracted if the virus find its way to the brain through nerves of the face.


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