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Avita ReCell Spray-On Skin

Avita ReCell Spray-On Skin

Spray-on-skin kit cures burns quickly….

Acita Medical has developed a portable spray-on-skin cell kit that treats burns and wounds faster than traditional skin grafts.

The kit, called ReCell, uses the patient’s own skin cells to form a solution that can be sprayed on to the wound, where it continues to grow and multiply.

“ReCell is a stand-alone, rapid, autologous cell harvesting, processing and delivery technology that enables surgeons and clinicians to treat skin defects using the patient’s own cells in a regenerative process, accelerating healing, minimizing scar formation, eliminating tissue rejection and reintroducing pigmentation to the skin.” [Ativa]

Traditional skin grafts, which are made by growing patches of skin that are draped over the wound, can take weeks to grow and more time to heal.

avita recell spray-on-skin kit

Avita ReCell Spray-On-Skin Cell

Image Credit: Avita Medical, 2011.

The new spray-on-skin however, grows the skin solution by taking a sample of the patient’s keratinocytes and melanocytes. These cells reproduce quickly when mixed in a special suspension solution, to about 80 times the original size within 30 minutes.

Once the solution has been cultivated, a special nozzle is then used to spray it over the wound. The result is faster healing and better cosmetic results.

The procedure can be performed anywhere, and takes little more than the 30 minutes required to grow the skin solution. And since the solution is grown form the patient’s own skin cells, there’s no risk of the boy rejecting them.

The procedure is already available in Europe, Australia and Canada, however the ReCell system is still seeking FDA approval for sale in the U.S.

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