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Australian Diabetes Rate Rises Due To Declining Health

Australian Diabetes Rate Rises Due To Declining Health

Australia Has A growing Obesity Problem Which Is Closely Linked To A Rise In Diabetes

Australia's Obesity ProblemThe first national survey to examine diabetes and other health threats linked to obesity has just been completed in Australia. The study funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council, revisited the health of over 6000 men and women aged 30 and over, whose weight, waist circumference, blood pressure and cholesterol and glucose levels had been measured five years earlier.

Although Australia’s diabetes rate was known to be high the results were a great shock. The study estimated a massive 100,000 people develop diabetes every year. Paul Zimmet, director of the Melbourne-based International Diabetes Institute said,

It is surprising. One hundred thousand new cases annually is the population of a small city”¬¶”¬¶this is the epidemic they didn’t see coming.

The survey identified that 7.4 % of people were likely to develop diabetes and an additional 16.3 % would form an abnormal glucose metabolism, or pre-diabetes. It also revealed that those with pre-diabetes were up to 20 times more likely to develop full blown diabetes in the subsequent five years.

The vast majority of the rising diabetes cases are Type 2 which is linked to being over weight, inactive or smoking

Australia's Diabetes Problem‘Exercise is being engineered out of our lives,’ said Professor Zimmet, and new figures show that this may be happening sooner than we think as one quarter of the nations school children are now overweight making them more prone to developing problems later on in life and adding to the ‘epidemic’.

The increasing amount of people who develop diabetes will have a large impact on the health budget as more people turn to expensive treatments such as dialysis. 500 million has recently been earmarked for preventative health care, Mr. Abbott the Minister of Federal Health, hopes that this money will help assist the early detection of diabetes and prevent the numbers from rising.

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