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AspireAssist Aspiration Therapy System

AspireAssist Aspiration Therapy System

New bariatric device sucks food out of the stomach to help weight loss…

A new weight-loss device aims to help obese people lose weight by sucking food out of the stomach before it’s digested.

The new bariatric device, developed by AspireAssist, consists of a thin silicone A-Tube, a ‘Skin Port’ a handheld component that sucks ‘aspirated’ food from the body, and a bag, which is filled with water to helps regulate the system.

For the system to work the patient must undergo minimally invasive surgery to implant the A-Tube in the stomach and the Skin Port in the abdomen.

aspireassist aspiration therapy system weight loss

AspireAssist Aspiration Weight Loss Therapy

Image Credit: AspireAssist, 2013.

With the device implanted the patient can empty a portion of the food from their stomach in a process the company call’s ‘aspiration.’

The liquefied, but undigested food, can be extracted in 5-10 minutes and directly drained into the toilet, and since the Aspirator only extracts 30 percent of the food the body still gets the nutrient it needs.

For optimal weight loss, the company advises patients to aspirate after each major meal (about 3 times per day) to begin with. Then over time, as patients learn to eat more healthfully, they can reduce the frequency of aspirations.

AspireAssist claims that in clinical trails showed that obese people lost around half their excess weight, when using the device. However there were reports problems breaking down some types of foods such “cauliflower, broccoli, Chinese food, stir fry, snow peas, pretzels, chips, and steak.”

AspireAssist was created by Segway inventor Dean Kamen and a team of bariatricians. The device is already available in some parts of Europe but the team is still working to receive FDA approval for the US market.

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