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Are E Cigarettes Safe

Are E Cigarettes Safe

Are e-cigarettes safe?..

The unproven health benefits, and/or dangers of the E-cigarette, are causing quite a debate amongst experts, manufacturers and the public.

But are they really safe?

Doctor Jonathan Whiteson from New York University’s Cardiac and Pulmonary Wellness and Rehabilitation Program said:

“It’s not smoking. What you’re actually inhaling is a vapor. These electronic cigarettes are battery powered and they vaporize nicotine, so you’re inhaling the nicotine vapor. So, you’re getting the nicotine hit, but without the toxic smoke and contents of the cigarette and the tar. However, there’s no proof that these cigarettes are safe. No proof whatsoever. They are made in China. They’re unregulated. Certainly not approved by the FDA,”

The E-cigarette works by delivering a cloud of nicotine via vaporized water. Manufacturers claim this method of consuming nicotine has major health benefits because the user is not inhaling tar, or any other cancer-causing carcinogens found in tobacco smoke.

are e cigarettes safe Are E Cigarettes Safe

The E-cigarette was invented several years ago in China. But despite the heating debate over the safety of E-cigarettes, the FDA has yet to approve the device that boast a new method of inhaling nicotine.

E-cigarettes workout to be cheaper, a typical e-cigarette initially costs about a $100, but the cartridges are about one-fifth the price of an ordinary pack of cigarettes. E-cigarettes can also be used in public where tobacco use would normally be banned.

Some manufacturers are going as far to say that the E-cigarette can help smokers quit, but in place of what? A different but potentially dangerous habit?

The FDA still considers E-cigarettes a ‘new drug’, meaning they need still approval – and requires scientific data. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened yet.

Of course, these warnings could be little more than scar tactics. There is no proof that E-cigarettes contain dangerous chemicals, just as there is no proof they are a healthy alternative. The general science behind the device seems sound – no smoke, no cancer.

But the message from experts is still quite clear: Stay clear of E-cigarettes until credible research data has been published. In September, the World Health Organization warned that so-called ‘electronic cigarettes’ are ‘not an effective nicotine-replacement therapy and may be highly poisonous.’


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