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Apira iGrow Hair Rejuvination Headset

Apira iGrow Hair Rejuvination Headset

Treat hair loss whilst listening to your favorite tunes…

Re-growing lost hair has never been easier, or more groovy – well, that’s if you put your trust in Apira’s new iGrow Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) headset anyway. The iGrow headset is based on the company’s Revage670 LLLT treatment and features a built-in MP3 player to keep you entertained during your hair rejuvenation sessions.

Apira’s Revage670 technology utilizes thirty 670nm rotating laser diodes that apparently stimulate hair re-growth. According to the company, simply wearing the headset for two, twenty minute sessions per week, for six to twelve months will encourage healthy hair to grow in those problematic balding areas.

apira igrow hair rejuvination

Apira iGrow Hair Rejuvination

Image Credit: Apira, 2011.

Low level light therapy uses lasers to stimulate dormant hair follicles back into the grow phase, and according to several claims on the company’s website, the treatment is ‘scientifically proven to safely and effectively stimulate cellular metabolism’, and has been documented in many clinical studies as having up to an 85 percent success rate. Not only that, the Apira also claims that over 500 doctors currently use the iGrow technology.

The iGrow is priced at $685, which is a bargain compared to the $3000 – $5000+ cost of visiting the Apira clinic for a year’s worth of weekly sessions.

This is perhaps the strangest hair rejuvenation treatment I’ve ever seen, but regardless of all the so-called studies that document that devices success, the iGrow is still not approved by the FDA. Apira are however, offering a six month money back guarantee, so it appears someone has a little faith in the product.

Nevertheless, the only tried and tested way of effectively replenishing lost hair is by opting for Male, or Female Hair Transplant surgery. By surgically grafting new hair follicles into the skin, patients benefit from continuous, natural hair growth for the rest of their lives.

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