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Amputee Swims English Channel

Amputee Swims English Channel

Amputee swims English Channel in record time…

A 42-year-old amputee, who lost both his arms and legs in an accident in 1994, has swum the English Channel in record time.

phillipe croizon amputee swims english channel 300x428 Amputee Swims English Channel

Phillipe Croizon Amputee Swims Channel

Frenchman Philippe Croizon, who swims using prosthetic legs, finished the 21 mile (34km) in just over 14 hours.

Croizon had all his limbs amputated after suffering a severe electrical shock whilst fixing a TV aerial.

Determined not to let his disabilities hold him back, Mr. Croizon slowly began to swim again, and after some years, he eventually set upon a tremendous challenge.

After preparing for two years, Mr. Croizon set off from Folkestone, Kent at 06:45 BST. During the 14 and half hour swim, Croizon experienced reasonable weather conditions and even got to swim part way accompanied by three dolphins – often thought of as a sign of good luck.

Mr. Croizon told the BBC that at no point did he feel he was not going to make it, despite pains and aches all over his body.[BBC]

Finally at 20:13 BST, Croizon reached Cap Gris Nez on the French coast, smashing his original 1 day estimation by 10 hours.

His team believes this could be a record time for a disabled swimmer.

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