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Americans Find Sex Satisfying With Condoms And Lubricant

Americans Find Sex Satisfying With Condoms And Lubricant

A new study shows that most Americans find sex just as satisfying when using condoms and lubricant…

According to a new study, most American’s find sex just as satisfying without or with condoms – a way of thinking that might sound contradictory to the commonly held belief.

Many people claim that sex is simply not as pleasing when using a condom, a complaint that comes from both men and women. However a new study suggest that this common thinking is not entirely true.

Debby Herbenick, associate research scientist and co-director for the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University in Bloomington, and lead author of the study, says that overall, those who use condoms, together with lubricant, during sex have a ‘great’ experience.

In the study which involved a nationally representative sample of men and women aged 18 to 59, who commonly had sex and but used condoms and lubricant, no significant differences were found.

americans like sex with condoms and lube Americans Find Sex Satisfying With Condoms And Lubricant

Most Americans Enjoy Sex With Condoms And Lubricant

Image Credit: Tomhannen, 2007.

Both men and women have often said that using condoms can reduce sensation and sensitivity, however 24 percent of women were able to tell difference between the types of materials used to make the condom, versus 9 percent of men.

Using lubricant is an important part of practicing safe sex and is often underestimated for their ability to improve the experience. Experts always advise using waterbased lubricant since petroleum-based products can cause the latex to deteriorate.

While previous studies have looked at attitudes towards using condoms, this is the first to focus on Americans, and the actual sensation experienced during sex, with or without condoms and lubrication.

Experts hope the findings will lead to better education as to the benefits of using condoms and lubricants, which in tur n could help reduce the number of STI’s and unwanted pregnancies.

The study was published Jan. 23 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

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