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AcceleDent Straightens Teeth Faster

AcceleDent Straightens Teeth Faster

A new device promises to straighten teeth faster for those wearing braces…

A new device called AcceleDent has been shown to help straighten teeth faster then the traditional method of using braces alone.

Developed by OrthoAccel Technologies, the system uses gentle pulses, which vibrate the teeth and surrounding bones, resulting in enhanced tooth movement. AcceleDent doesn’t rid the need for braces, as something is still needed to hold the teeth in place as they shift position, however it has been proven to drastically reduce the time required to straighten the teeth.

acceledent straightens teeth quick 550x446 AcceleDent Straightens Teeth Faster

Orthoaccel Acceledent Straightens Teeth Quicker

Image Credit: OrthoAccel,2011.

The small, hands-free unit – which is to be used 20 minutes daily – can be used with braces or clear liners, and comes with a travel shell and a handy portable charging unit.

Having perfectly aligned teeth is not simply a cosmetic wish, it also comes with great health benefits too; straight teeth wear down less and are much easier to clean thoroughly.

In a randomized, controlled clinical trial conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, the AcceleDent improved tooth movement by 106 percent in the alignment phase, and 38-50 percent afterward, all with no adverse effects.

The device has already received FDA approval and the company hopes to ship it to orthodontists throughout the U.S. by the end of Jan 2012. No word on prices as of yet.

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