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Weight Loss Gastric Pacemaker

Weight Loss Gastric Pacemaker

Abiliti new weight loss solution utilizes pacemaker technology…

A new type of gastric pacemaker claims to help those who are overweight shed their excess pounds by shocking the body’s nervous system and tricking the brain into thinking they are full.

The system, called Abiliti and devleoped by Intrapace, uses the same technology found in traditional pacemakers, however Abiliti attaches to the vagus nerve – – instead of the heart. When the device detects the patient has consumed enough food, it administers a tiny, painless electric shock that stimulates the nerve which in turn, tells the brain the stomach is full.

weight loss gastric pacemaker

Abiliti Weight Loss Gastric Pacemaker

Abiliti also features an accelerometer which collects data on how much you are eating and exercising. This allows both the doctor and the patient to monitor their progress and make adjustments when needed.

Intrapace reported that in a trial involving 65 participants, the average amount of weight lost was 22 percent, with the most losing 38 percent. One patient who lost 22 of his 229 lbs told AP reporter Maria Cheng that device made him feel full after consuming just half of what he would usual eat: “It feels like a little pressure on my stomach or a tickle, but it’s not a bad feeling,”

Image Credit: Intrapace, 2011.

But some experts worry that other factors which drive people to eat excessively may easily override the ‘full’ sensation that the device induces. Stephen Rossner, an expert quote by Cheng said:

“A lot of obese patients eat because they’re depressed, they can’t sleep at night, or they have nobody to have sex with. So whatever you insert into their stomach, they can out-eat that device because it’s other things that drive them to consume.” [Discover Mag]

Nevertheless the simple device has already been successful for some, which makes it the oneof the only effective alternatives to gastric bypass or lap band surgery,.Unfortunately it is currently only available in the UK, Spain and Germany, however Intrapace plans to have Abiliti on the U.S. Market by 2014.

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