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9-Year-Old Girl Has 6 Organs Replace In Single Operation

9-Year-Old Girl Has 6 Organs Replace In Single Operation

9-year-old girl has 6 organs replaced in record-breaking operation…

In a remarkable record-breaking operation, a young American girl has beaten all odds after recovering from surgery to remove a sizable tumor and replace 6 of her organs.

When Alannah Shevenell was 5, doctors discovered the causes of reoccurring fever and weight loss problems that had plagued her health; she was suffering from rare form of sarcoma, which had caused a tumor to grow through large parts of her body.

The tumor put pressure on 6 of her organs, making it difficult for her to eat. After two surgeries and two rounds of chemo failed, doctors decide to perform the live-saving procedure.

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9-Year-Old Girl Has 6 Organs Replaced

After a year on a waiting list, and with only a 50 percent chance of survival, Alannah underwent the surgery to remove the tumor and replace her stomach, liver, spleen, small intestine, pancreas and a portion of her esophagus, in October 2011.

Dr. Heung Bae Kim, the lead surgeon on the procedure at Children’s Hospital Boston where the surgery was carried out, said that the most complicated part of the procedure was minimizing loss of blood since all the organs needed to be replaced in a single operation.

The surgery marks the largest number of organs transplanted simultaneously in New England, and the very first time in the world the esophagus has been replaced.

After three months battling infections and complications, Alannah was allowed to go home on the 1st of Feb. She will still have to take nine separate medications several times per day, stay on a highly restricted diet to avoid further complications. She will also have to use a colostomy pouch and a feeding tube until she can feed herself.


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