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Diet Suppressing Foods

Diet Suppressing Foods

8 healthy foods that help fight off hunger…

Weight loss surgery or diet pills can be quick and effective methods of shedding extra pounds and unsightly bulges, but for many people such drastic measures may not be necessary, in fact most of the time all it takes is a change in your diet, and a little exercise to go with it. The more subtle changes in a diet are usually the easiest to stick too, and some good advice offered by Ask, and Natural New suggests snaking on certain foods that help fight off the urge to eat.

Here are 8 diet suppressing foods, that are not only healthy themselves, but will also help fight off hunger and the urge to consume your next meal.

8 Hunger Suppressing Foods

apples diet suppressing foods 150x150 Diet Suppressing Foods


Apples – One large apple contains 5 grams of fiber, which helps fill up the stomach for longer than other nutrients. Additionally, the sugars found in apples do not affect blood sugar as much as starchy carbohydrates, therefore helping to reduce the problem of the classic sugar buzz, and crash. (Image Credit: Scott Bauer, 2004.)

flaxseeds diet suppressing foods 150x150 Diet Suppressing Foods


Flaxseeds – Flaxseeds are a great source of fatty acid, but they also contain plenty of fiber to help ward of hunger for longer. Try adding them to yogurts or healthy homemade cereal bars. (Image Credit: Dvortygirl, 2011.)

oats diet suppressing foods 150x150 Diet Suppressing Foods


Oats – Oats are great for the same reasons as flaxseeds. They contain plenty of fiber to keep you full, and there’s little sugar to spike and crash on. (Image Credit: Hankwang, 2006.)

coffee diet suppressing foods 150x150 Diet Suppressing Foods


Caffeine – Caffeine top on the list when it comes to natural stimulants. And like most stimulants, coffee also helps to suppress the appetite. So not only can your morning coffee help perk you up, a coffee break or two during the day can also ward off hunger. (Image Credit: Yug, 2008.)

water diet suppressing foods 150x150 Diet Suppressing Foods


Water – We often mistake thirst for hunger, and when we’re dehydrated, we’re more inclined to feel tired, another feeling we sometimes wrongly attribute to being hungry. The brain releases a hormone when you need to eat, so any other times of fatigue or weariness when you think you might need a snack, try gulping a glass of water down instead. (Image Credit: Tysto, 2005.)

salmon diet suppressing foods 150x150 Diet Suppressing Foods


Salmon – salmon is another great food to suppress the appetite because of the protein and healthy fat it contains. The protein in the fish will help fill you up, and the healthy fat will keep you full for longer than your average meat dish. (Image Credit: Shai987, 2008.)

almonds diet suppressing foods 150x150 Diet Suppressing Foods


Almonds – Nuts are another great source healthy fats, and so they too can help to reduce bouts of hunger. However it usually takes around 30 mins to feel the full effects (pun intended) from eating nuts, so make sure you don’t keep eating until you’re full! (Image Credit: MVerkerk, 2006.)

mixed pickles diet suppressing foods 150x150 Diet Suppressing Foods

Mixed Pickles

Pickles– Prickles and other greens vegetable – both are low in calories and take up quite a bit of room in the stomach, in fact a whole jar of pickles can be as little as 50 calories. When purchasing pickles, don’t go for the regular jarred pickled you find the local grocery store, instead look for 100% natural pickles, which shouldn’t have the yellowy tint most pickles have, which is the result of using chemical colorings. (Image Credit: Raimond Spekking, 2009.)


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